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Nobody sits down to make something they hope will be immediately or quickly forgotten. Elon Musk compares starting a business to “eating glass and staring into the abyss of death,” and no one would willingly do all that if they thought their efforts were going to disappear with the...
Humans are prolific procrastinators. People have struggled with habitual hesitation going back to ancient civilizations. It’s easy to make plans and throw dates on your calendar, and yet it’s practically inevitable that you’ll let some deadlines fly whilst you still have some tasks unfinished.
I don’t know about you, but I haven’t always held my younger self in high regard. There was a time when I looked back at the person I once was and judged her for being needy, insecure, weak, inadequate, and fundamentally flawed. I focused on everything I thought I did wrong...
Building good habits can be hard. Real hard. Nearly half of dieters give up within a week. Forty percent of dieters quit within one week and more than 50 percent end up weighing more than they did before they started their diets. So what really helps? Does anybody have some answers that could make...
Most people wish their circumstances would magically change for them. They don’t have the desire to become better themselves so they can proactively improve their own circumstances. Unlike most people, who simply wait and wish for luck, you can seek to become the kind of person..
Desires begin vanishing as soon as they arrive, yet our responses to them can have far reaching consequences. What we tend to do during those pivotal seconds can make all the difference between good health or poor health, retiring at 40 or at 70, and being generally happy or generally miserable. 
The other day a friend mentioned that he’s looking forward to autonomous cars, as it will help lower the accident and fatality rates caused by distracted driving. True, was my initial reply, with a caveat: what we gain on the roads we lose in general attention. 
The long-overdue conversation about adversity and resilience launched by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant's book, Option B, has caused many of us to think about life's toughest issues: mortality, bereavement, chronic illness, and so on.
The essence of self-reliance is a commitment to making decisions based on one’s own native instinct, personal values, and primary experience over external advice, cultural conformity, and second-hand information. At the heart of this kind of radical self-trust, however, is something of a conundrum.

In 1840, Edgar Allan Poe described the ‘mad energy’ of an ageing man who roved the streets of London from dusk till dawn. His excruciating despair could be temporarily relieved only by immersing himself in a tumultuous throng of city-dwellers.

A book I’m reading:  How Will You Measure Your Life? This is an unconventional book of inspiration and wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life. Clayton, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, uses examples from his own experiences to explain how high achievers can all too often fall into traps that lead to unhappiness.
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