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How To Completely Turn Your Life Around This Year And Become 10x More Effective At What You Do | Medium
A lot happens every 365 days. Victories. Lessons. Failures. Physical changes. Special moments. Career successes. Personal growth. And much more. It’s the best time of the year to consider what you really want and assess which areas of your life deserve more attention. These are a few tweaks to your daily routine — all of which take 10 minutes or less — that can make you more productive, happier, and healthier this year.
With the power to fit our workday into our pocket and the unrelenting rise of “always on” work culture, its no wonder so many people struggle with work life balance. According to a Harvard Business School survey, 94% of service professionals put in 50+ hours a week. 
It’s been more than 2,200 years since Archimedes ran naked through the streets of Sicily shouting, “Eureka!” (“I’ve found it!”), but there’s still a lot we could learn from that moment. As the legend goes, the Greek mathematician figured out how to prove the king’s crown was not pure gold...
For the first 25 years of his career, Scott Shute worked mostly in customer service-related leadership jobs. But in September 2018, he embarked on an entirely new career path, becoming head of mindfulness and compassion programs at LinkedIn.
A friend told me a touching story about his high-school classmate—a story that I now believe happens, in some form, to almost everybody. It happened to me, and probably to you. The classmate was known as a gifted athlete and a bad student, and acknowledged it himself. 
In our culture, we are constantly bombarded with the newest and best things to improve ourselves and/or our quality of life. Unfortunately, this leads to the belief that we need to obtain some sort of thing before we could accept ourselves as we are. When I was a child, I constantly...
There are many things in our lives that we have little control over — the news, the weather, the traffic, the soup of the day at our local café. But among the things that we can control, there’s a big one: our story. This narrative is not the one that contains the objective facts of our lives...
There are few things that impact your daily productivity, career trajectory, and overall well-being as much as your routines. As Will Durant writes in The Story of Philosophy (a quote often misattributed to Aristotle): “We are what we repeatedly do.” Today, we know the true extent...
Courage is a universally admired quality. It is has been celebrated in every culture in the world, in every age. It’s one of the four “tactical virtues” of masculinity. And it serves as not only the foundation of masculine excellence, but of every type of it, for as Winston Churchill...

Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens is one of those uniquely breathtaking books that comes along but rarely. It’s broad, but scientific. It’s written for a popular audience, but never feels dumbed down. It’s new and fresh, but not based on any new primary research. Sapiens is pure synthesis.

A book I'm reading: Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done, by Laura Vanderkam. Busyness is overrated. In this book, Vanderkam reveals the seven counterintuitive principles the most time-free people have adopted. 
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