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The Single Most Important Skill of The 21st-Century That Will Take Your Career to The Next Level | Medium
The world of work is changing rapidly. Today we work in a knowledge-based world. And your collective knowledge about your yourself and your industry are the key to your future. As time passes, it becomes even more apparent that knowledge begets knowledge, and new competencies drive careers forward.
As a young child, did you ever dream of having $1 million in the bank? I used to think that way, but my perspective changed over the years. $1 million is no longer a guarantee of financial freedom. For someone spending $200,000 a year in good health...
Mental stamina—of continuing your focus on hard, intellectual problems for weeks or months at a time—is an essential skill for learning important things. If you surrender to frustration and fatigue easily, then you’ll chronically be fighting a war with yourself to do the work you need to.
I’m slowly tweaking my goals to add a little more challenge as well as I schedule and focus better and realize I can add a bit more time to my art production day. At first, I set my goals too high and got upset when I didn’t meet them. Then I set moderate goals and trained myself...
Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve tried to change your behaviour through sheer willpower. And chances are, you also failed miserably. Don’t feel bad! This is what happens most of the time. Most people think of self-discipline in terms of willpower.
A successful career requires occasionally taking a step back and looking at the big picture, says Melcher. He says to “think about the larger contours of what you’re doing and make that a part of your regular action.” He’s broken this process down into four categories...
Most of us manage our time the same ways: by writing to-do lists and prioritizing the items on those lists. We decide upon our priorities by assessing the relative urgency and importance of our tasks. But there’s a third criteria considered by a group of people whom Vaden calls “time multipliers”...
This is the most powerful way to make your life fantastic: Reverse FOMO is the problem: You’re not missing anything online. But if you’re always online you’re missing a lot of what makes life great. You Don’t Need Lifehacks, You Need Values: If you don’t know what’s more important to you...
Every life stage brings its own pressures, from worrying about exams to juggling the needs of family. Know your thinking patterns: catch yourself in the act of catastrophising or being a perfectionist, or inflexible, and name the behaviour to yourself. This helps to take anxiety out of the driving seat.
We often think about technology as the latest innovation: the smartphone, the 3D printer, the VR headset. It’s only by taking a longer view, however, that we can understand its entwining with our species’ existence. For technology is more than computers, cars or gadgets.
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