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Success is Not Directly Proportional to Effort (10x Results Don’t Always Require 10x Effort) | Medium
I have a lot of respect for effort. The right kind. Is your effort moving the needle? Success is absolutely about what you focus on, and how effective you use your time to achieve your goals. Millions of people have become too preoccupied with “the grind,” and it’s actually burning them out. Just because you tried hard doesn’t mean it will work...
...adopting specific lifestyle behaviors–whether you’re in your thirties or late forties–can have a tangible effect on how well you age. Even in your fifties and beyond, activities like learning a new language or musical instrument, taking part in aerobic exercise, and developing meaningful social relationships can do wonders for your brain. 
Lifehacker talked with five people, including a familiar face (hi, Kristin!), to get a sense of how people across the country are planning to increase their income. We’re retiring the cliché, vague advice you’d normally find in personal finance articles—get a side hustle...
A couple of months ago, I set out to answer the question of whether it’s possible to avoid the tech giants. Over the course of five weeks, I blocked Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple one at a time, to find out how to live in the modern age without each one.
Being successful means waking up early – or so we’re constantly told. It makes you more productive. Celebrities and CEOs do it. You’ll be healthier and happier. You’ll feel in control of your life. But despite the deluge of such stories, waking up at an ungodly hour isn’t...
The research is unambiguous: People who value time more than money are happier and more productive. But actually shifting to a time-first mindset is really hard. Partly, it’s because of how our brains are wired. Partly, it’s because we don’t know how to measure what time is worth.

The science of memory is pretty complicated and goes well beyond just intent or purpose. You can have the best intentions when you pick up a book but still forget everything once you turn the last page. Instead, setting yourself up to remember what you read comes down to hitting three factors: Impression, association, and repetition.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone a good athlete? Or a good leader? Or a good parent? Why do some people accomplish their goals while others fail?  What makes the difference? Usually we answer these questions by talking about the talent of top performers.
Money has always been passed down in families, but today, across America, parents who can are helping their grown children at unprecedented levels. A recent study from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave reported that 79 percent of the parents surveyed are providing financial support...
Horizontal reading rules the day. What I do when I look at Twitter is less akin to reading a book than to the encounter I have with a recipe’s instructions or the fine print of a receipt: I’m taking in information, not enlightenment. It’s a way to pass the time, not to live in it.
New YouTube Channel: I have launched a new YouTube Channel (post explainer videos) to share big ideas for learning, working and living a better life. Here is the first video.
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