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Want to Build Your Ideal Future in 2018? Read These Books | Medium
Whether you are currently living your life on purpose, know what you want in life or you are still discovering your life’s work, this list will help you find clarity and build your ideal future. These are some of the books I truly believe can help improve and change your future. Each in their own way brings across a powerful message that has the potential...
Oftentimes when you’re eying job descriptions, you’re haphazardly and unintentionally checking off what requirements you match. Being fluent in programs, applications and languages are your hard skills — the technical aspects that allow you to master your job effectively and efficiently. 
Wellness is a thing most people only think about when they’re suddenly unwell. I bet you’ve experienced more than one morning when you couldn’t get out of bed and swore to yourself that you’ll “do better” in taking care of yourself from now on.
A key habit I’ve noticed in successful people repeatedly, is that they are ruthless in managing what they pay attention to. Sources of distraction today are plentiful and with everything becoming digitized, are only exponentially increasing. I’m sorry to be crass, but your mind is like an egg...

Days are getting darker, both because it’s December and because it’s 2017. We’re all in need of some positivity, treating ourselves to resupply the stores that the world seems determined to sap. Earlier this week, we asked you, How Do You Treat Yourself Without Spending Money...

The global elites play a different game. Wealth is not created by wishing, manifesting and burning sage. Concrete plans, committed desire and wondrous persistence are the key drivers were the wealthy play. To create a path to financial success, you must change the way the way that you think about money.

It happened again — 3:00 pm crept up on you and you still haven’t finished that budgeting project that you promised your supervisor would be done before tomorrow. The day has flown by... like a Canadian goose heading south for winter.
If we're going to be precise about it, work gets done at 11AM on a Monday in October. At all other times of day, we're basically slacking from our most productive. Sustaining 8 hours-plus of intense focus year-round is more of a Herculean pipe dream than a reality of the modern...
There is value in small things done consistently over time. Which means that our most basic actions and seemingly inconsequential routines are actually the key players moving our life in whatever direction it is going. Again, to quote my favorite quotable, Ben Franklin, “Human felicity is produced..
Most poker players didn’t go to graduate school for cognitive linguistics. Then again, most poker players aren’t Annie Duke. After pursuing a psychology Ph.D. on childhood language acquisition, Duke turned her skills to the poker table, where she has taken home over $4 million in lifetime earnings. 
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