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These Incredibly Important Skills Will Make You More Successful Over Time | Medium
Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation. John Ruskin could not have defined skill any better. When you strive to consistently improve your skills, you enjoy more success in life and at work. Don’t give up on lifelong learning. Ever. Research shows that it pays beyond the skills you acquire.
Some of the ideas that follow are original to me. Some aren’t. When I’ve borrowed something, I’ve done my best to cite my source. (And I’ve tried to cite the oldest source I can find. Lots of folks borrow ideas from each other. There’s nothing new under the sun and all that.) 
In 2008, the psychiatrist Stephen Greenspan published The Annals of Gullibility, a summary of his decades of research into how to avoid being gullible. Two days later, he discovered his financial advisor Bernie Madoff was a fraud, who had caused Greenspan to lose a third...
Here’s how to get epiphanies, confidence, and results. The first 90 minutes of your day are crucial to everything that happens thereafter. If you don’t produce something special during those first 90 minutes, chances are, your whole day will falter. 
The great complaint of our time seems to be “I’ve got too much on my plate.” I wonder how long people have been saying that for. When did plate room, whatever it is, become the thing we can’t get enough of? It’s hard to imagine our hunter-gatherer predecessors keeping...

No matter what your industry, passion or trade is, your success largely will be determined by how well you stay on top of your to-do list. Time management always has been an ingredient for success in life and at work, but today's mobile world puts an even bigger premium on the skill.

Luck can seem synonymous with randomness. To call someone lucky is usually to deny the relevance of their hard work or talent. As Richard Wiseman, the Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, in the United Kingdom, puts it,
Should we be mindful of how popular “mindfulness” now is? Carl Erik Fisher says we should. Fisher is a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University and a practicing psychotherapist who integrates meditation in his practice, and meditates himself. 
On the internet, the adage goes, nobody knows you’re a dog. That joke is only 15 years old, but seems as if it is from an entirely different era. Once upon a time the internet was associated with anonymity; today it is synonymous with surveillance. Not only do modern technology...
When you’re an entrepreneur it’s next to impossible to call it a day: the business of running a business has a never-ending to-do list. But without a healthy balance between a robust professional life and a legitimate personal life, your work can become uninspired and your life uninteresting. 
A course I am working on: Thinking in Models. By popular request, my upcoming thinking habits course will offer proven thinking models, and patterns that can help you solve life and business problems at multiple levels of depth, and make complex decisions with confidence. Sign up here to be notified when it launches. 
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