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Making This 1 Change to Your Routine Could Help Your Mental Clarity, Focus, and Creativity | Medium
Mental clarity can escape anyone. Even Einstein, Shakespeare and Da Vinci had their moments. It can happen to the most genuis person in the room. It’s your ability to recover that matters. You can impact your brain function and cognitive abilities by making simple tweaks here and there to your daily routine.
By now, I’m embarrassingly familiar with the post-lunch slump that strikes at least once during my workweek. Still full from my avocado toast, I find myself slouched in my desk chair—just willing something to appear behind that menacing, blinking text cursor that’s been taunting...
This is a post about something I’ve been wanting to write about forever: careers. Society tells us a lot of things about what we should want in a career and what the possibilities are—which is weird because I’m pretty sure society knows very little about any of this. When it comes to careers...
It was a Monday a few weeks ago, 6:00am, and I was taking a morning walk. The only light in sight was the neon yellow glare of the street lamps. My heart was heavy. It was as if someone had cut my chest open while I was asleep and slipped a cannonball inside.
Happy blogiversary! Twelve years ago today, I launched a humble little blog about personal finance — this blog, Get Rich Slowly. It was meant as a way for me to share the things I was learning as I dug out of debt. It turned into so much more. For the next couple of weeks...

A thousand years ago, there was a cobbler who hated his work, but could not escape it. One day, heartsick, he met a monk, who suggested that he practice his craft as a meditation—by reframing the attention, intention, and emotion with which he approached his work.

I’d like to confess something. Until recently, I’d get jealous quickly — when I saw someone doing what I wanted to, or ‘living the dream’. (Thank you Instagram.) But I’m not alone, am I? Even the most contented people can’t help the occasional feeling of jealousy...
“Where did the time go?” “Will you look at the time!?” “Time flies when you’re having fun.” If you have the alarming feeling that time is actually speeding up, that somehow your days are getting shorter while the list of things you need to do is getting longer, then you’re not alone.
The most desirable career of the 21st century, with numerous advantages over other fast-growing occupations such as hospice carer and rickshaw driver, is being a billionaire. Prior to the incorporation of US Steel in 1901, the world didn’t have a single billion-dollar company...

You’ve asked me how to become an intellectual. You’re young, it seems (only young people ask questions of that kind), and you think you might have an intellectual vocation, but you can’t see what to do about it. What should you do in order to become the kind of person an intellectual is?

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A book I'm reading: Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More.  This is a practical guide to individual performance based on five-year study of more than 5,000 managers and employees. 
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