Friday, June 15, 2018. Issue #181
Small Wins, Marginal Gains: That’s How You Change Behavior in The Long Term
Habit is persistence in practice.” — Octavia Butler 
Few repeated actions, done everyday, so discreet that they could easily go unnoticed. A micro-habit is a small, simple action that doesn’t require much motivation, but will help you build up to a larger goal habit. That’s how long-term habits are formed. That’s how you change behaviour.
I'm a lucky man. Perhaps the most extreme example of my considerable good fortune occurred one chilly Ithaca morning in November 2007, while I was playing tennis with my longtime friend and collaborator, the Cornell psychologist Tom Gilovich. 
As I moved from my twenties to thirties I noticed a certain psychological miscalculation happening more often: a day that feels like it was three or four months ago was actually a year ago. Or I would think back to what I was doing this time last year, then realize that what I’m remembering...
Fast Company has run thousands of articles on every aspect of productivity. But the one topic that comes up the most, and that really is at the root of a lot of other productivity issues like focus, decision making, and time management, is sleep.
As soon as you step into an office, it’s easy to see that each person has his or her own style of working. Some people naturally gravitate to others and always seem to be in groups. Others are much more efficient if they work at home or in a quiet space.

It's human nature to seek perfection. I learned that lesson quickly as a product manager when I was tasked with guiding web development projects from first idea to formal launch. No one wants to release a product that's not perfect, right?

Unless I happen to slip into a flow state where I’m so focused that I lose track of time on a task, I find myself needing a break about ever hour or so when I’m trying to get something done. My focus wanes and I need to do something that recharges me a little bit.

Our attention gets hijacked by everything from the stress in our lives to the ding of our phones. Neuroscientist Amishi Jha shows how we can cultivate the ability to focus on what really matters. “I think, therefore I am distracted.”

Here's what I've learned about cancer as a survivor: even once you're past it, and despite doctors' reassurances that you should go back to your normal life, it never truly leaves you. It clings to the back of your mind and sits there, quietly. If you're lucky, it doesn't consume you...
Happiness is a serious business. Inspired by the positive psychology movement, corporations hold positions for “chief fun officers” and esteemed institutions like Stanford and Yale offer classes on happiness. But this infatuation with good times is only creating confusion...
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