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Today is 10x More Important Than Tomorrow (Your Decisions Today Compound for Life) | Medium
You probably know the effects compound growth can have on an investment over a number of years. With a long enough time and a sufficiently high interest rate, the growth is always impressive. Warren Buffett has been preaching the importance of compound interest for six decades, and it’s made him billions.
What Is Simplicity? starts off by asking what is meant by “simplicity” in terms of how people live their lives and comes up with a number of meanings: economic prudence, living cheaply, being close to nature, being content with simple pleasures, asceticism...
When I sat down to write this post, I drew a blank. I knew what I wanted to write about, but the words just weren’t there. My head was empty — a smooth, cavernous zilch. So I answered some emails. And then I went to the gym. After the gym, I headed for a coffee shop, which is where...
In his 2013 book, The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, author Gary Keller reminds us that everyone has 24 hours in a day. So, why do some people earn more, achieve more, and get more done? They “go small,” he says:
Motivation is a tricky thing. It’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s hard to find time to work on ourselves. What do we do when “just do it” doesn’t work? Many years ago I went through a hardcore productivity phase. During that time I was running a design consulting firm and burning...
Small talk gets a lot of backlash; most people seem to think they’re too important to discuss the weather. It’s true that some small talk can feel shallow or boring, but it serves an important purpose. That’s why everyone should learn how to do it well.
Loss aversion, the idea that losses are more psychologically impactful than gains, is widely considered the most important idea of behavioral decision-making and its sister field of behavioral economics. To illustrate the importance loss aversion is accorded, Daniel Kahneman...
If I asked you to identify a piece of work that you’re particularly proud of (and describe your process), how does that look? Did you have a lightbulb moment and finish everything in one go, or did you work diligently with some breaks, struggles, and frustrations in between?
I am staring at a photograph of myself that shows me 20 years older than I am now. I have not stepped into the twilight zone. Rather, I am trying to rid myself of some measure of my present bias, which is the tendency people have, when considering a trade-off between...
We are all in denial, some of the time at least. Part of being human, and living in a society with other humans, is finding clever ways to express – and conceal – our feelings. From the most sophisticated diplomatic language to the baldest lie, humans find ways to deceive. 
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