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The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do For Your Career: Show Up. Every. Day. | Medium
When you see an amazing design, an awesome product, a great work of art, listen to a moving piece of music, or hear about an amazing person who has achieved greatness in any field, don’t assume that the creation or success came about randomly or easily. It took commitment and consistency. 
What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you brush your teeth, take a shower, and eat a bowl of oatmeal? Maybe you go for a run before the rest of the house is up or maybe you press the snooze and lie in bed, going over your day’s goals. 
People frequently ask me what I’ve learned from the 100’s of people that I’ve interviewed. In attempting to summarize what they’ve taught me I’ve written a book, another book, and 100’s of articles. They’ve changed my habits, helped me rewrite my story, and accomplish things that at one...
In 1973, America watched as then President Richard Nixon vehemently declared on national television, “I am not a crook” in regards to the Watergate scandal. Not many people believed him. In fact, as soon as he uttered the word “crook,” most people immediately envisioned a crook.
It was the big tech equivalent of “drink responsibly” or the gambling industry’s “safer play”; the latest milestone in Silicon Valley’s year of apology. Earlier this month, Facebook and Instagram announced new tools for users to set time limits on their platforms, and a dashboard...
Ludwig Wittgenstein was a genius like few others. Born into one of the wealthiest families of his time, he donated his fortune and instead went on to become one of the giants of 20th-century philosophy. He was commanding and passionate and, quite often, misunderstood.

What separates the most successful business people from the average white-collar professional? Aside from the fact that they can buy and sell your most prized possessions a thousand times over, it’s that they understand a few simple truths about life and business which they live by.

By age 25 John D. Rockefeller controlled one of the largest oil refineries in the nation. By age 31 he had become the world’s largest oil refiner. By age 38 he commanded 90% of the oil refined in the U.S. By the time of his retirement at age 58, he was the richest man in the country.
How many hours do you work each day? If you’re like most of the U.S. working population, you probably think you get a solid eight hours in. That’s 40 hours a week. Around 1,800 a year (minus 2 weeks’ vacation). Not too bad.
Humankind is facing unprecedented revolutions, all our old stories are crumbling and no new story has so far emerged to replace them. How can we prepare ourselves and our children for a world of such unprecedented transformations and radical uncertainties?
A course I will launch soon: Kaizen Habits
I’m creating a habits mastery course to help you master the kaizen principles for starting and maintaining healthy habits. Kaizen Habits will teach you how to change your entire life, one habit at a time. Sign up to be notified when it launches.
A book I recommend:  The Heart To Start by David Kadavy. David shows you how you can use your unique talents, past experiences, and passions to make something totally new. Don't die before you make your dent in the universe.
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