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Thinking Your Way to a Better Brain (John Dewey on How We Think) | Medium
Learning how to think is hard. Thinking is the core of our being, but the world is hostile to serious thought. In an age of information overload, the depth of thinking is becoming less and less valued. Information — even good information — can become a distraction if you’re not thinking about it, evaluating it, or analyzing it. Most of us can’t afford to think.
We live in an era of overachievement, and in this era flaunting those achievements (we’re looking at you, social media) is totally the norm. Because pretty much everyone’s achievements are on full display at all times, it can be easy to get caught up in the idea...

We all waste a lot of time on the internet these days. And due to mobile devices, we do it everywhere, not just at home. (In fact, right now there is enormous pressure on moi to make sure you feel reading this is productive and not just more time-wasting on the internet. Yeesh.)

Three years ago, I coined the term The 5-Hour Rule after researching the most successful, busy people in the world and finding that they shared a pattern: They devoted at least 5 hours a week to deliberate learning. Since then, I’ve preached The 5-Hour Rule to more than 10 million readers.
When Caroline Harper suddenly found herself jobless in her mid-40s, she decided to step off the corporate ladder and travel to all the places she’d always wanted to go, from Antarctica to Egypt. Here’s how it changed her life — and her career. Caroline Harper loved her work...
My jaw clenches when Hulu videos buffer. I huff and puff when stuck in a sluggish line at a coffee shop. Slow cars in the fast lane send me into a curse-filled tizzy. I’m ashamed how quickly I lose my cool over these minor things. I’ve often wished I could be a more patient person...
IN 2013, GOOGLE cofounder and CEO Larry Page announced the formation of a new Alphabet entity dedicated to solving the pesky puzzle of mortality. Since then, the billion-dollar longevity lab known as Calico—short for California Life Company—has been trying to tease apart...
Time, it seems is always in short supply especially when you move into self-employment. For me, there’s never enough time in the working day. When I was employed, time moved at what I perceived to be a regular rate. Once I started my business, time seemed to accelerate...
The time before work and after work is golden, and it’s usually completely yours to schedule. Choose to spend some of that time on your passion project. Morning and evening routines are the “bookends” of a prosperous life, argues Darren Hardy in his book, The Compound Effect.
When the psychologist Jessica Pryor lived near an internationally renowned university, she once saw a student walking into a library holding a sleeping bag and a coffee maker. She’s heard of grad students spending 12 to 18 hours at a time in the lab. 
A course I will launch next week: Kaizen Habits (my next course) launches next week. The course, based on ancient Japanese wisdom, teaches the principles for making any change in life, and living a better, and more fulfilling life. 
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