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The Most Valuable And Timeless Skills You Need to Thrive in The 21st Century | Medium
The evolution of skills is accelerating, fast. We live in a world of constant change, where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years, you have consistently upgrade and reinvent yourself. “Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in operation.” John Ruskin could not have defined skill any better.
I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m a guest at a holiday get-together, once dinner is over and we begin to appreciate the scale of the impending cleanup, I’m always relieved to be given a clear job to do: collect all the wine glasses, wipe down the table, corral the recyclables.
Email is convenient and fast but hurting our productivity. 
Our relationship with email is draining. A cluttered inbox will not only frustrate and stress you, but it will also distract you from getting real work done. According to McKinsey Institute, we spend close to a third...
There are few things that impact your daily productivity, career trajectory, and overall well-being as much as your routines. As Will Durant writes in The Story of Philosophy (a quote often misattributed to Aristotle): “We are what we repeatedly do.” Today, we know the true...
Now that we've reached 100 millionaire interviews and I've shared their numbers, let's dig a bit deeper into what we've learned so far. After all, that's the reason I do these interviews — so readers can learn what millionaires have done to become wealthy, then decide which of those steps...
Most people think being smart is about having more facts. Trivia-shows like Jeopardy! epitomize this view of knowledge. The smartest people are the people with the most names, dates and places stored away inside their mind. This is probably the least important and useful...
Even though I was heading to a highly coveted job at The New York Times in 1965, I was heartbroken to leave Minneapolis, where I had begun my journalistic career two years earlier. Minneapolis was then, and still is, a slice of heaven for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. 
These last two articles have focused on how common it is for early retirees to continue making money after they say goodbye to the cubicle. I share stories like that because I’ve seen it happen in so many lives, including my own. Plus, if you do it right, work is fun.

Apple made a great leap forward in communications and mobile computing in 2007 when it launched the iPhone. It couldn’t have done this by sticking to all the things that made it a pioneer in desktop computing.

Even when you’re fluent in two languages, it can be a challenge to switch back and forth smoothly between them. It’s common to mangle a split verb in Spanish, use the wrong preposition in English, or lose sight of the connection between the beginning and end of a long German sentence.
A course I'm working on: Want to succeed? You need systems not goals.
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Courses: Thinking in Models, and Kaizen Habits.
My Recent Book: Working in the Gig Economy: How to Thrive and Succeed When You Choose to Work for Yourself
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