Benjamin Franklin said, “Little strokes fell great oaks.”
Self-improvement isn’t a destination. 

You’re never done. Even if you have some success, if you want to maintain it, you have to keep doing the things you were doing that got you that success in the first place.

Better to work up to 30 minutes of daily walking than to hit the gym hard for a month, lose 20lbs and gain 25lbs back.

Instead of trying to make radical changes in a short amount of time, aim to make small improvements (you can sustain) every day that will gradually lead to the change you want.

That's the basic principle of KAIZEN:  the Japanese philosophy of self-improvement. 

 Kaizen isn’t a “one and done” approach to life. It’s a process of continual improvement. 

The Kaizen mindset reminds us that all improvements must be maintained if we wish to secure our gains. 

The Kaizen principle has helped me write hundreds of posts on Medium (with an average of 250K views a month). It has helped me write a book (Working in The Gig Economy), commissioned by a reputable publisher in the UK. And I'm currently building sustainable life and business newsletters the kaizen way. 

As Rory Vaden says: “Success isn’t owned, it’s rented. And the rent is due every day.”

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